Vanheusen ingenious Employee IPL on Wooqer

Vanheusan Indian Premier League (IPL) - Wooqer Success Story

Being a Brand with a predominantly male customer base, Van Heusen couldn’t stay unaffected by the cricket craze prevalent across the nation every cricket season. Since IPL started in 2008, it meant lower walk-ins, lower sales and demotivated staff.

Ingenious Idea from Learning Manager

The Learning Manager, enabled with Wooqer, responded with the Van Heusen Premier League (VPL), a contest designed to convert this adverse situation into an opportunity.
Leveraging multiple facets of the Wooqer platform, the team started with an objective and went on to doing a great launch, disciplined communication and continuous evolution.

Idea to Execution with Wooqer

The contest was kick-started with a video announcement and a news headline on Wooqer to ensure visibility for the entire network. Each day 4 teams played against each other for the highest target achievement and also got points, or runs for crossing certain benchmarks.

Understanding Sales per Square Foot per Day (SSPD) and how it applies to You

Let’s just be clear here from the start.

Sales per square feet are one of the most fundamental aspects of retail and are really the name of the game.

The problem comes in that it is also one of the most complex issues out there and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  There are just too many factors at play here.

What it Takes to be a Great Retail Operations Head

The history of retail management is simple.

It began the moment the first general store of old hired the very first employee.

In the early days this job was fairly simple; keep track of your limited inventory, do a little advertising and provide reasonable customer service.

Maybe you kept a “tab” set up for your very best and most trusted customers to pay at the end of the month.

But times changed and the retail industry grew.

Today, a retail operations head has to remain sharp and use every tool at their disposal in order to stay ahead of the game.

Recently I spoke with some top experts in retail management about what it takes to be a retail operations head today.

Here’s just some of the checklist we talked about.

Ready for Wooqer?

The sum of any platform is just how well it performs for you and your company.

So why choose Wooqer over another platform?

There’s a reason that over 200 businesses utilize Wooqer for their operations, because, here’s what Wooqer can do for you that the others can’t or won’t.

The bottom line is that no other platform offers the flexibility and diversity of Wooqer in all areas of retail management.

Wooqer Proud Sponsor of World Retail Congress

As an industry leader in retail operating system, Wooqer is proud to be a sponsor of the World Retail Congress.

Here’s why.

This is the best of the best.

If you’re a retailer in any capacity, the international conference April 4-6, 2017 at Madinat Jumereirah, Dubai is for you.

The World Retail Congress is a gathering of global retail leaders and experts from the greatest retail icons to innovative start-up and more. This is a gathering of national market leaders to the most international successful retailers.

Here are the retail heavy-hitters from around the world gathered for three days.